Style Shrinks: Our experts analyse Kelis's Morticia-goes-Walford get-up


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The top

Gemma: A kaftan? Really? Someone should have pointed out to her that a) she's not on the beach and b) it's not very nice.

Hugh: Extending the Gothic theme, this top is totally what Morticia Addams would wear when attempting kooky, but not particularly creepy, mysterious or spooky.

The Hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: This hairdo isn't going to bring all the boys to the yard. In fact, she looks more like the bride of Frankenstein than a sexy songstress.

Hugh Montgomery: Come on, this 'do is worthy of Elsa Lanchester herself.

The trousers

Gemma: I'm all for leather trousers – but how can they be expected to look half-decent when teamed with that mustard monstrosity?

Hugh: Sorry, from a young age, we have seen leather trousers and struggled to have any thoughts beyond "Ross from Friends".

The boots

Gemma: I know I'm going on about it, but sturdy leather boots don't go with a kaftan. Actually, NOTHING goes with a kaftan.

Hugh: You might well think that this boot/trouser combo is a bit Kat Slater: the Early Years, but I couldn't possibly comment. (LOVING the new House of Cards, BTW.)