Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Kelly Osbourne’s Emmys red-carpet frock


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The Hair

Gemma: In her rush to get ready, Kelly got mixed up with the “match the shoes to the bag” rule and went and matched her hair to her dress.

Hugh: To paraphrase Mr Prince Rogers Nelson, Kelly, I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rinse. Purple rinse, purrrrple riiinse... Which means it’s fab, basically.

The tattoos

Gemma: More evidence of her former wild ways, but one tells of a softer side, and the reason why we all know who she is. Daddy. Very sweet, actually.

Hugh: The Girl with the Daddy Tattoo? Those goth-punk days are well and truly over.

The dress

Gemma: Kelly is looking very svelte and toned, while the gown is grown-up and glamorous... and the colour of an aged bruise.

Hugh: No, Kelly, you will not go to the prom! And no, that authentically awful taffeta/fishtail combo will not sway us!

The bag

Gemma: I spy more matchy-matchy with the black nails. Reminding us you still have a wicked side, eh Kel?

Hugh: Ah, the “sophisticated clutch” – the standard-issue boring accessory that defies every cuckoo outfit choice.