The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: She's not one for drastic hair and make-up changes, this one, but then, if it isn't broke, don't fix it. Dark roots and a big pink pout are obviously a winning combination. Hugh montgomery: Dunst's complexion exemplifies why she has been our preferred starlet through thick, thin and Wimbledon: ambiguously perched between peachy/ all American and pale/ interesting. There's depth beneath those dimples.

The jewellery

Gemma: Wisely, Kirsten has stuck to the yellow-and-gold theme with her statement earrings and over-sized ring. Just the right amount of bling.

Hugh: The measure of bling provided by these bejewelled gold drop earrings and ring is just the thing for an ensemble that, like a comedian at a Hollywood awards ceremony, makes a virtue of its brashness.

The bag

Gemma: Imagine if this had been gold, too? Horrific! But throw black in the mix and the look is instantly sophisticated.

Hugh: Is it just us or does this blockish clutch have something of the 1980s wine bar about it? Not that we don't love it as assuredly as our 12-inch of "Smooth Operator".

The suit

Gemma: Not many could pull off this Stella McCartney jacket in "Big Bird" yellow, but teamed with some embroidered gold Rodarte trousers and a blouse, it's a simple yet striking outfit.

Hugh: There's more to Dunst's cosmopolitan credentials than a saunter down the Croisette, as evidenced by the über-boho-frump-chic of an oufit equally in hock to Diane Keaton and Pat Butcher.