Vision of beauty: Kristen Stewart / Rex Features


The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: Kristen is a vision of beauty here, and I'm sure that it's no mistake that her skin is as pale as a vampire's. She looks good enough to eat.

Hugh Montgomery: Hair as sweeping as a Russian novel and eyes as smoky as a Russian nightclub. We are not worthy.

The accessories

Gemma: For her next premiere, a clutch bag would be a welcome addition. It will give her something to do with those awkward-looking claw-hands.

Hugh: That's a friendship bracelet on her left wrist, apparently. So why have "friends" yet to inform the Daily Mail what this friendship might be?

The outfit

Gemma: Shocked not to see her usual label of choice Balenciaga – but wearing a rather lovely Louis Vuitton S/S 13 playsuit a whole season before you can buy it? That's just showing off.

Hugh: That she manages to convey glacial hauteur in a shiny romper suit is testament to her ability to elevate the material. (See also near-nocturnal film franchises.)

The shoes

Gemma: Kristen didn't make full use of the French fashion house's generosity; these strappy sandals are not half as remarkable as the matching monochrome winkle-pickers that were worn on the catwalk.

Hugh: Great gladiator heels: get her a young Boadicea biopic forthwith!