Drowning in peach-toned bit-bobbery: Kylie arriving at St Pancras station in London last week / Rex Features


The coat

Rebecca Gonsalves: A blush silk raincoat would be ruined if there was any chance of a shower – perhaps not the wisest choice of outerwear in Blighty.

Mike Higgins: If she wants to look like a cranky, 75-year-old Upper East Sider, she's convincing no one.

The shades

Rebecca: Those rose-tinted specs look strangely familiar – is it an homage to her pal Elton John, or did she 'borrow' them from his vast eyewear collection?

Mike: They're a bit Andy Warhol, too. But look at that lovely toothy grin. Aaah, Kylie.

The accessories

Rebecca: A bag, scarf and shades no longer suffice – a bouquet of perfect blooms is the new must-have.

Mike: She's drowning in peach-toned bit-bobbery. That handbag adds some needed oomph.

The jeans

Rebecca: The coat and scarf conspire to make her legs look positively stumpy. We've all seen her in hotpants, though, so can testify that that's not the case.

Mike: Please tell me that underneath it all she's wearing a pair of Charlene's dungarees.