Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Lana Del Rey's fairy-tale night at the Met Ball


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The make-up

Gemma Hayward: I still haven't decided whether she is or isn't made of plastic. But her skin looks beautifully smooth and the blood-red lips perfectly match her moody demeanour.

Hugh Montgomery: A Snow White get-up all the better to vamp you with. (Excuse us while our fairy-tale references go haywire in the face of the, ummmmm, drawwwlworrrthyyyy dreaminnnnness of it all.)

The hair

Gemma: Lana hasn't strayed from her signature pristine glossy curled locks here – although darker in shade, her hair is as perfect as usual.

Hugh: Silken, sultry, serpentine and capable of making any silent-and-moody bad-bad amour burst into alliteration at seventy-seven paces.

The cape

Gemma: Lana seems to have taken some styling tips from the Scottish Widow with this floor-length cape. Its simplicity works with the outfit – but is it really needed?

Hugh: Oh Lana, given that the Met Ball typically features fabric trails longer than Cleopatra's retinue, this meekly-flowing thing looks positively provincial.

The dress

Gemma: I would look a bit happier if I was wearing custom-made Joseph Altuzarra, but then you can't please everyone, can you? I love this dress, it clings to all the right places; she looks like a mirror ball – in a good way!

Hugh: As with so many things about Del Rey – siren or sinus infection? Lynchian or Luton TGI Friday's? – the jury is out on this floaty metallic number.