Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Lena Dunham's Bet Lynch-does-Brooklyn get-up


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The coat

Rebecca Gonsalves: Bet Lynch, eat your heart out. Though I doubt that Weatherfield's finest has the same retro appeal in Brooklyn.

Mike Higgins: Commenting on Lena Dunham's every breathing moment seems to be the point of the web. Whenever she appears, servers crash.

The hair

Rebecca: The beauty of a cross-body bag is that it leaves your hands free to attempt to hide any home-dye disasters.

Mike: Salmon-pink bag and lime-green hair – natty bit of co-ordination, surely?

The dress

Rebecca: Soft gold, silky black, clean lines – this is far more conventional than we're used to from Dunham, but she wears it well.

Mike: A shining example of dressing-up-box chic. But perhaps the-spots-within-spots thing is… a thing.

The shoes

Rebecca: I'm meant to love these because they're Prada, but really I love the OTT combo of gold leather, fringing and chain.

Mike: She's 28 and already dresses like a loopy grande dame of fashion – but what's she going to do when she's, like, 42?