Heavenly: Lupita Nyong'o at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in New Jersey / Getty Images


The hat

Rebecca Gonsalves: Forget half-cocked flying saucers and feathery fascinators – this is how to wear a hat in 2014.

Mike Higgins: The spirit of George Melly is alive and well and rather improbably busking on the head of a Nigerian-Mexican starlet. Bravo.

The make-up

Rebecca: A few splashes offset this outfit, but matching nail polish and eye-shadow shows too much devotion to detail.

Mike: I hear matchy-matchy is not where it's at. But it's not like she's painted her nose and elbows yellow, is it?

The Dress

Rebecca: This neckline is perfectly suited to Nyong'o and her amazing clavicles, while the leaded window-like print is heavenly.

Mike: Restrained elegance? Or just a wee bit dull? I'm not qualified to judge, so I'll be gallant and say the former.

The shoes

Rebecca: Sure, wedge heels are good for lawn-based social events – but these look like a pocket-money purchase from Camden Market circa 1999.

Mike: A tad harsh, comrade – but you're right, if an Oscar-winner can't splurge on footwear, who can?