Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Meryl Streep's true-blue Iron Lady impersonation


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The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: Meryl's fashionably wind-swept blonde hair works wonders with her matte complexion – she looks a million miles away from the Iron Lady which, in real life, can only be a good thing.

Hugh Montgomery: Forget the Iron Lady's tungsten blow-dries – this is our kind of power hair, possessing the ruffled grace and self-assurance of someone who last encountered criticism some time around the early 1990s (and really isn't Death Becomes Her due for a re-evaluation)?

The dress/coat

Gemma: Meryl's bang-on trend, wearing head-to-toe pleats – this dress is nothing but chic. I'm not such a fan of the blue oversized coat and scarf, though... It makes her look like she might be teaching next term at Hogwarts.

Hugh: And so the inevitable Maggie tribute is wrapped up in the judicious form of a true-blue poncho coat. It makes all that pussy-bow blouse buzz seem desperately literal.

The shoes

Gemma: Understandably the actor doesn't want frost-bitten feet, but these round-toe boots whisper of the witches' coven.

Hugh: These are a tad clumpy, but then Meryl knows better than to distress her tootsies when there are the looming rigours of awards season with which to contend.

The jewellery

Gemma: The statement chain necklace and simple golden cuff add Grecian-goddess appeal to the outfit. Decorative without being overly frivolous.

Hugh: Just as a sly smile momentarily thawing a frosty demeanour is a Streep acting signature, so this Egyptian jewellery combo brings the merest soupçon of levity to the otherwise conservative outfit. The lady is for turning toward a bit of a post-premiere groove, we'd like to think.