Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Michelle Williams' high-street-Hepburn Bafta look


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The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: Not many can get away with such a severe crop, but Williams can, thanks to her small features and high cheekbones. With her fresh skin and pillar-box red lips, she looks every bit the A-lister.

Hugh Montgomery: In fashion as in film choices, Williams curiously manages to be both sophisticated and untedious. So it is that the gamine crop is saved from pixie-Hepburn yawniness by that lusty red lippy.

The dress

Gemma: Refreshingly, she has shunned designer gowns for one from H&M's Conscious collection. OK, so it was made especially for her, but it nods towards her eco sensibilities without sacrificing her impeccable style.

Hugh: Her choice of "high-street" fashion that you can't actually buy on the high-street is an inspired way to tantalise the Grazia pack. Never mind the ill-fitting bodice.

The bag

Gemma: This Olympia Le-Tan clutch is a nice touch: it's the screenplay artwork for The Misfits – the 1961 film starring Marilyn Monroe, who Williams played to earn her Bafta nom – reworked into handbag form.

Hugh: Mildly eccentric, slyly referential, and roughly 73.9 per cent more interesting than anything else at the 2012 Baftas.