Style shrinks: Our experts analyse model Daisy Lowe's shocking sophistication


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The hair

Rebecca Gonsalves: This is verging on a polished up-do for Ms Lowe's usually bedraggled barnet. The real masterpiece is the perfectly parted fringe.

Hugh Montgomery: Not a hair out of place, indeed. It's enough to make you feel strangely anxious.

The bag

Rebecca: An envelope clutch is rather fitting for someone who'll go along to the opening of said stationery item.

Hugh: Compact, but big enough to fit a credit card, 10 crushed Marlboro Lights and a selection of 2ps. So it passes our test.

The dress

Rebecca: Daisy has the perfect figure for such a va-va-voom dress, though the bad fit has left her looking a little deflated.

Hugh: But she makes shocking pink look entirely sophisticated, and that's quite something.

The shoes

Rebecca: Hardly the most offensive heels we've seen celebrity trotters squeezed into, but a bit boring.

Hugh: To paraphrase Francis Urquhart, we couldn't possibly comment. No, really, we couldn't.