Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Nancy Dell'Olio's 1980s bride/exotic dancer look


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The dress

Gemma Hayward: What else would this fiery Italian choose but vampy red? With her black fur coat, shrugged off before this photo was taken, the look is very Dorian from Birds of a Feather, which isn't quite a compliment, I know, and as much as I don't want to say the word mutton, her neckline could be a little higher and her hemline a little longer.

Hugh Montgomery: We might say this cheeky red mini-dress was a bit Strictly Come Dancing, were it not for the fact that the entirety of that trifling little show is clearly a bit Nancy Dell'Olio.

The hair/make-up

Gemma: I'm not sure why Nancy chose to look to a 1980s bride for inspiration for this hair-do, but a side-swept curly mass simply doesn't wash with the natural messy style that is currently in vogue. Put the hairspray down and step away from the can.

Hugh: Oh Nancy, as ever, we can but genuflect before your unparalleled industriousness. Take this multi-faceted coiffure, which combines the tumbling luxuriance of a Fellini heroine with the dramatic sweep of Earthworm Jim.

The jewellery

Gemma: Nancy could do with following the less-is-more mantra when putting on her jewels. One bangle and a pair of studded earrings would have made this ensemble more chic.

Hugh: Partial to a self-empowering mantra as she is, here Nancy demonstrates the principle of "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." So, when switching on Christmas lights in Mayfair, adorn yourself with enough garish baubles to put that attention-seeking fur to shame.

The shoes

Gemma: Maybe all that action on the dancefloor has made her an expert in manoeuvering on heels, because these mega-platforms are frightfully high. More suited for a pole than a trip to the theatre I would say.

Hugh: Though we commend Nancy for channelling that towering charisma into her shoes, her celebrated lack of foot control does render them the height of masochism.