Such a blokey blazer and scarf would look scruffy on anyone without Watts' beauty / Rex Features


The jacket

Rebecca Gonsalves: Such a blokey blazer and scarf would look downright scruffy on anyone without Watts' shining beauty.

Mike Higgins: Was that a leaving gift from the 'Diana' shoot? Classic Sloane Square, circa 1987.

The hat

Rebecca: Considering her height, wearing a red hat so close to Christmas might have been a mistake. All those puns must be bad for her elf.

Mike: Yes, but at least she's co-ordinated with an appropriately coloured Muppet…

The boots

Rebecca: Any higher on the thigh and these would be reaching Principal Boy territory. Oh yes they would.

Mike: What to say about a pair of anonymous black leather boots over black trousers? Nothing, that's what.

The bag

Rebecca: Designer labels and logos mean nothing at all when you can have the cheerful face of Elmo adorning your bag.

Mike: Mix-and-match bags, one Sesame Street, one high street, worn together. Is that a fashion thing? It ought to be.