The hat

Gemma Hayward: Ah, I see Mr Nolte has been taking headgear tips from our style icon Kate Moss. A fedora is a classic choice which happens to be a fashionable one, too. It's a shame this photo isn't just a headshot.

Hugh Montgomery: This fedora is more ratty detective than Rat Pack, but no matter – its wide brim makes it an appropriately conspicuous accent for an outfit that could do with some distractions.

The beard

Gemma: I'm all for facial fluff and I imagine his beard matches his husky voice wonderfully. With the full ensemble of hat and belted coat, though, it's all a bit, well, creepy.

Hugh: Passing, as we are, through the alpha phase of the masculine style cycle, many a credible sleb is currently to be found sporting a grizzly thatch. But – Ben, Brad et al take note – only "Mount Rushmore" Nolte has the craggy relief to back it up.

The coat

Gemma: Has he forgotten to get dressed out of his PJs and dressing-gown? Is he up for a part as Dick Tracy? Surely there must be a pressing reason for this kooky yellow outfit.

Hugh: A key marker of Nolte entering his Brando phase, whereby a confluence of daywear and nightwear is used to express a yawning contempt for the Hollywood rigmarole.

The shoes

Gemma: Why not slippers, Nick, rather than throwing in yet another look to round off this clanger of an outfit?

Hugh: These black lace-ups at least suggest Nolte is not entirely ignorant of the fact he has left his living-room.