The hat/glasses

Gemma Hayward: The black hat and oversized sunglasses don't go hand in hand with a sunny day. But I couldn't imagine Paris without her shades, and that headgear sets her "I'm pretending I don't want you to look at me" pose off perfectly.

Hugh Montgomery: The sun has got his hat on, and ain't Paris doing her damnedest to outshine that little blighter with a chapeau that suggests Morticia Addams congregating with the Stepford wives.

The bag

Gemma: How is her Chihuahua meant to be comfy in a bag like this? It's far too deep for it to comfortably stick its head out for some fresh air. Selfish bag choice, Paris.

Hugh: The queen of handbag dogs opts for a handbag embossed with a drawing of a handbag dog? An ironic comment on celebrity pet commodification or totally cute? As ever, her creative objectives remain opaque.

The shoes

Gemma: It's all a bit safe and matchy-matchy, isn't it? Not at all like the Paris we've learnt to love/loathe (delete as appropriate).

Hugh: When we say that these heels look "practical", that's mostly relative to the time Paris conducted her community service in a pair of four-inch Louboutins.

The dress

Gemma: Paris looks quite cute in this red floral tea dress – I'd even go so far as to say she looks respectable. Oh, how a stint in the slammer can affect one's style...

Hugh: She's an award-winning humanitarian and looks fabulous in red floral prints. We look at this and wonder when someone will put two and four together and wangle her for a Remembrance Day PA?