Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Pippa Middleton's dubious choices


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The accessories

Gemma Hayward: Yes, it's cold, but Pippa should remember that less is more when it comes to accessorising. And are the sunglasses really necessary when the light looks as grey as her jeans?

Hugh montgomery: Were we the Daily Mail, we might suggest "SHADES-WEARING PIPPA IN SINGLETON SHAME". Instead, our rheumy, post-Christmas party peepers can only look on in envy. And the fingerless gloves are an equally good choice, leaving her free to type away on that party-planning opus whenever a jaunty aperçu arises.

The jacket

Gemma: This looks suspiciously like a rabbit-fur gilet, over a cashmere sweater, Pippa. Ethically, it's a bad look. Also... it's just a bad look.

Hugh: What is it about the gilet that makes them look tacky whatever the cost/provenance of fur? Tacky yet at the same time, archetypally posh. We remain as confused by this winter staple as we are by cheek-kissing etiquette.

The boots

Gemma: Fur-lined boots to match her gilet, I see, but why throw brown into the mix when your body is in grey and accessories are black. All in all, a right royal pig's ear of an outfit.

Hugh: Padding around was surely invented for such cute booties. (PS. May it be noted that no posteriors were involved in the making of this column.)

The jeans

Gemma: This picture is testament to the fact that grey jeans are the most unforgiving shade to wear. They make even the slimmest person look like an elephant and the motocross knee patches only shorten the legs further.

Hugh: A fastidious P Middy fan site tells us that these are French Connection Nebraska jeans. More importantly, they have patches! They can be co-opted for "a rock chick look"! May the Sloane-ocalypse begin.