Princess Beatrice joined a team of adventurers at the start of the Virgin Strive Challenge / PA


The t-shirt

Rebecca Gonsalves: Styling out an unflattering promotional T-shirt by rolling up the sleeves is canny; Granny would raise an eyebrow if she'd knotted it at the midriff, too.

Mike Higgins: Sure it's a charity tee – yet no one else at the promo seemed to feel the need to slip it on. All a bit second-year student, isn't it?

The hair

Rebecca: The face of her father, the hair of her mother, the startled expression of a deer caught in the headlights – so veh, veh royal-in-training.

Mike: Redheads unite, that's what I say. Glorious. No covering it with a ridiculous hat, now, please.

The shoes

Rebecca: Ah, the ballet pump, default summer footwear for when your nail polish is too chipped to strap on a pair of sandals. Or is that just me?

Mike: Flats – the best thing for an endurance challenge. Oh, she's not doing it? She was just at the event to support Richard Branson's son? In that case: flats – comfy, aren't they?

The skirt

Rebecca: Let's hope she's learnt from cousin Catherine about the appropriate undies to wear under a floaty skirt when paparazzi abound.

Mike: Houndstooth feels somehow royal, doesn't it? Maybe because it comes from Scotland?