Rolling up her sleeves: Sarah Jessica Parker launches her SJP Collection in Miami / Rex Features


The shirt

Rebecca Gonsalves:  Like a canvassing politician, SJP wants to show she’s rolled up her sleeves to knuckle down to the serious business  of shoe design.

Mike Higgins: Whacky layering, part one: is that plunging open shirt a bold act of neckline self-sabotage? Or  a bit of a mess?

The dress

Rebecca: Girlish  red lace is a strange match with the casual shirt; this is the sort of ensemble you cobble together  when the airline  loses your luggage.

Mike: You can see  the white shirt and the grey tights through the lace – but I feel mean pointing it out, as the dress is pretty.

The shoes

Rebecca: Parker’s flogging a footwear line, so perhaps she thought nobody would notice what she has on above the ankles – they’re nice, but not magic.

Mike: Whacky layering, part two: strap vs tights, to complete an outfit that’s been bickering with itself top to toe.

The tights

Rebecca: As Carrie Bradshaw knows, bizarre but brilliant ensembles aren’t that easy to pull off. Nor are sheer grey footless tights.

Mike: But it works! No lingering on those cadaverous-looking pins, just carry on down to the stars of the show.