Is Ms Silverman sending up the sordid 'sexy schoolgirl' thing? / Rex Features


The shirt

Rebecca Gonsalves: I'm sure this is all part of a hilarious visual gag, but the plain white shirt and skewiff tie bring back painful memories of my brief career as a waitress.

Mike Higgins: I rather like this outfit, starting with the ill-fitting shirt – if it's Aertex, all the better.

The tank top

Rebecca: Midnight-blue is the chicest colour – but this man-made monstrosity might be an exception.

Mike: Worn as a proper tank top really ought to be: haphazardly, over a daft tie and, ideally, for several days.

The socks

Rebecca: Even more mystifying than tights designed to look like hold-up stockings is recreating the look with a pair of bed socks over sheer tights.

Mike: Isn't Ms Silverman taking the sordid 'sexy schoolgirl' thing and sending it up for the ghastly leering that it is?

The shorts

Rebecca: A pair of nicely tailored shorts or even culottes could have saved this ensemble, but these look like they came out of her gym bag.

Mike: You're not feeling this, are you, Rebecca? I state my case in 'The Socks', for what it's worth.