Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Sharon Stone's Queen tribute act


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The Hat

Gemma Hayward: Simply add a thin scarf with eye holes in and voilà! You've got the Lone Ranger.

Hugh Montgomery: A veritable monolith of a head accessory: yes, that's right, Stone is basically wearing a Stone! We're just not sure who is cleverer in this instance, her or us.

The accessories

Gemma: Matching your eyeshadow to your gloves and bag isn't wise, especially when the tone is creosote. The whole look is a bit "Queen", but Stone is a poor second to Her Maj.

Hugh: Ooh, but look at that expertly imperious handbag-holding. We bet she stuffs William Hill slips inside for extra Method.

The dress

Gemma: This frock looks so frumpy that no one would even care if she forgot to put her knickers on. She should have put a coat on and left that rat-like fur collar behind.

Hugh: They're remaking The House of Eliott with Shazza as Stella Gonet. WTF? I mean, why did no one tell us?

The shoes

Gemma: Did she have a punch-up with a crocodile and come away with a new bag and shoes? That might also explain the gloves.

Hugh: But she has turquoise toenail polish. What nuance!