A boyfriend shirt as a dress is a rather risqué choice for Swift / Rex Features



Rebecca Gonsalves: Is she doffing her hat to a hybrid of those inimitable screen style icons Willy Wonka and Heisenberg with this titfer?

Hugh Montgomery: Taylor Swift, pork pie hat: these words don't hang together. A picnic egg hat would be more appropriate, somehow.


Rebecca: A boyfriend shirt as a dress is a rather risqué choice, mainly because it raises all manner of questions about her love life. Again.

Hugh: Just to stick our oar in, though, we have heard that, in fact, she isn't going out with the shirt. Her relationship with the shirt is a mere charade organised by their respective PR teams.


Rebecca: If anyone knows that life is a cabaret, it's T-Swift and it looks like she's got a soft shoe shuffle planned for her grand finale.

Hugh: Yes, very keep-me-in-mind-for-Chicago, the sensible contingency plan for any modern pop queen.


Rebecca: Christian Louboutin don't just indulge feet, y'know. They make capacious handbags too, perfect for toting around your millions as you laugh your way to the bank.

Hugh: But a big bag when you can have three scurrying PAs in the receptacle role? Total second-division stuff.