Jack the lad: Vinnie Jones at the 'Actors Fore Actors' event in Los Angeles / Rex Features


The shirt

Rebecca Gonsalves: Well that's the final nail in the coffin for the fully-buttoned polo shirt as style statement.

Mike Higgins: If the pro-Union movement has a barricades moment ahead of the Scottish referendum, they'll know who to turn to: Jack the lad.

The shorts

Rebecca: The least heinous part of this ensemble, not least because there's no visible flag (but is there a British bulldog on his backside?)

Mike: There is no debate: a man must bare his legs come summer. We'll ignore the belt.

The shoes

Rebecca: The icing on the patriotic cake – a Victoria sponge, obviously.

Mike: Ooh, those socklets aren't doing much for the Jones brand, are they?

The hat

Rebecca: We'll let Jones off for wearing this to play a round of golf – a visor would leave a monk-like tan-line, and we all know he's no saint.

Mike: Given Vinnie's rather emphatic theme here, am disappointed he finally balked at the knotted hankie.