Pretty in peach paisley: Florence Welch on Brick Lane in London / Rex Features


The hair

Rebecca Gonsalves: Not everyone can pull off a mussed-up fringe and halo of frizzy strands, but the Titian tint helps to carry this off.

Mike Higgins: The dress is mere accessory to the hair – which as pop's greatest living redhead, Florence can do.

The shades

Rebecca: A rare instance of huge shades not looking ridiculously diva-esque; perhaps it's the peace-and-love vibes or the fact that they're being worn outside, in the sun.

Mike: I think it's also her rather winning half-smile and her unglam pose. Nice bag tassels, by the way.

The shoes

Rebecca: Unsurprisingly a good match as they're Gucci too, as is the bag – wearing one label makes this outfit less eclectic than it looks.

Mike: From this angle, I'm getting "modest", "practical" and "snazzy touch" – none of which sounds terribly Gucci.

The Dress

Rebecca: Pretty in peach paisley – this wrap dress could be a brilliant hand-me-down from a 1970s school teacher but is, in fact, Gucci from this year, which makes it only slightly less great.

Mike: I didn't realise "crazy one on the creative-writing course" was a look.