Suits you: Mick Jagger (far right) with his bandmates / Getty Images


The shirt

Rebecca Gonsalves: Gents of a certain age are unable to resist the appeal of a lemon-yellow shirt – not even rock-star status provides immunity.

Mike Higgins: My dad did a solo clothes shop just the once. He came back with a yellow shirt and a yellow tie. My mum could sort Mick out…

The hair

Rebecca: An infuriatingly shaggy do that hasn't changed in years, but I suppose if you've still got it, you should flaunt it.

Mike: There's a photo out on the web imagining Mick bald – think young Rupert Murdoch.

The suit

Rebecca: Is that seersucker I see before me? Jagger obviously has a good tailor, but the waistband is creeping a bit high.

Mike: The dodgy suit, that shirt, those trainers, the perma-bouffant – none should work but together they are ineffably Mick.

The shoes

Rebecca: An A for effort for trainers to polish off the casual tailoring, though their box-fresh perfection means no gold star this time.

Mike: Is this 'sports luxe' in action? Or his bunions? Or, cunningly, a bit of each?