Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Viggo Mortensen's hairy swagger on the Croisette


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The hair

Rebecca: Flat hair but a bushy beard - I wonder if Mortensen’s been rubbing the volumising mousse  in the wrong place.

Mike: The time is right for Viggo to go silver fox, I feel – he probably hasn’t seen his real hair colour since ‘GI Jane’  in 1997.

The accessories

Rebecca Gonsalves:  Over the age of 18, badges are really only acceptable on punks and pregnant ladies using public transport.

Mike Higgins:  I’d be hiding that beefy belt buckle –  but then I’m not a Hollywood A-list man-chunk strutting my cheeks in Cannes.

The jeans

Rebecca: Further evidence for my theory that the wealthier men get the weirder they look in jeans – Simon Cowell is a case in point.

Mike: … but Viggo is surely not. For dad jeans they’re actually passable and pleasingly non-skinny.

The shoes

Rebecca: The slightly bashed-in look brings these Converse close to kudos – sadly, that’s swiftly negated by those properly tied shoelaces.

Mike: Come, come, Rebecca – untied laces are a trip hazard for a 55-year-old.  I read that in ‘Saga’ magazine.