Hipster in a ballgown: Zooey Deschanel / Rex Features


The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: Ever the lover of a quirky manicure, Zooey chose to decorate her nails with a film strip and camera motif. Fingers crossed for Elf talons next!

Hugh Montgomery: We're less drawn to the hair/make-up than the mardy look in her eye: throw in a hand-on-hip slouch, and she is the very model of a hipster in a ballgown.

The bag

Gemma: What every girl should carry with her ball-gown – a giant fruit pastille.

Hugh: You say pastille, we say sparkly jellybean. Looks great, even if you just know it's going to taste of watermelon…

The necklace

Gemma: You simply can't make a comment about a girl wearing a pearl necklace without sounding smutty, can you?

Hugh: The requisite red-carpet signifier of old-school Hollywood, their hypnotic twinkle causing all who gaze upon them to forget New Girl for a sec.

The dress

Gemma: There is a sensible head sitting on those petite shoulders. Not only does this red Oscar de la Renta gown match the carpet, it's so unassuming that she'll be able to wear it next year, too. Thrifty.

Hugh: This runs directly counter to our established rule that taffeta is wrong. Except when tripping off the tongue.