Overdone: A collarless coat teamed with emo-lite too-long sleeves and so many rings looks like confused fancy dress / Getty Images


The hair

Rebecca Gonsalves: Get a grip. Seriously, a kirby grip, and pin back that side fringe.

Hugh Montgomery: Harsh – little wonder she's looking so dubious.

The coat

Rebecca: This collarless coat is gorgeous but teamed with emo-lite too-long sleeves and so many rings, it seems like confused fancy dress.

Hugh: Yes, a combo quite as overdone as her maverick Voc-AL inFLEctions in 'Girls'.

The trousers

Rebecca: I can't tell if this is a pair of palazzo pants or some kind of maxi skirt; either way it shouldn't be worn with pointy red pumps.

Hugh: Paving the way for the inevitable hipster-chintz love affair, we assume.

The bag

Rebecca: There's an 'I'm on my way to somewhere else and just popped in' vibe about this outfit and the handbag seems like a prop that will keep her in character.

Hugh: Another antagonist in the ensemble. This is an outfit at war.