Style shrinks: Our experts on Jessica Chastain's just-off-the-Broadway-stage get-up


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The shoes

Gemma: Mary-Janes with jeans? Seems you can put a foot wrong, Jessica.

Hugh: Oh, for pity's sake, we give up: she has broken our snark bone.

The sunglasses

Gemma Hayward: You know you've made it when you can wear sunnies during winter and not look like a tit.

Hugh Montgomery: It's touches such as these cool 1970s shades that mean photographing Jessica Chastain exiting a stage door is basically the only thing the world has done since Christmas.

The outfit

Gemma: Take note, people: push up the sleeves of an average Burberry mac and it looks terrific. A flash of check and a smile will also do no harm.

Hugh: So the A/W 12 Hollywood star is wearing the A/W 12 colour, and all is right with the world* (*FORGET about Britney/, OK?)

The bag

Gemma: The girl's got good bag taste. This McQueen tote is not just nice, it's really nice.

Hugh: A piece on Chastain's current "handbag marathon" informs us this is an Alexander McQueen Heroine bag – which is to say she's totally cruising past the Cutty Sark.