Style shrinks: Tilda Swinton's feeling blue at the Golden Globes


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Gemma Hayward: Yes, Tilda could be accused of having a bit of a hipster haircut here. But with cheekbones as fine as hers, this severe style only serves to flatter her flawless face.

Hugh Montgomery: Good on Tilda for transcending star stereotype. This wavy vanilla 'do and raspberry lipstick combo finds the redoubtable ice queen coming over all ice-cream – and suggesting those razor-sharp features may just belie a softee at heart.

The jewellery

Gemma: Elegant blue stones to match her icy blue outfit. Plus she's double cuffed, another in-Vogue touch to this impeccable look.

Hugh: These elegantly swirling cuffs have given us a thought: when exactly is Tilda due to play Boadicea? And Harvey, what kind of Oscar-monger are you that you haven't already made this happen?

The shoes

Gemma: More feminine than one might expect of the quirky actress, but anything else would have thrown this gown off-balance.

Hugh: I'm struggling to find anything worthwhile to say here, so I'll just follow the lead of those E! fashion police and fill the void with: "Super fun!"

The outfit

Gemma: Swinton has long been a devotee of Haider Ackermann's designs, and it's not difficult to understand why. Gathered chiffon on the hips accentuates the waist on the silk jacket and the line of the skirt falls nothing short of perfect.

Hugh: The fluid lines, the patrician upturned collar... as ever Tilda stands tall among a sea of nude and frou-frou. Indeed, only the fishtail's on-trend status jars with her maverick métier.