The headpiece

Gemma Hayward: Philip Treacy has done a far better job here than he did with the princesses' hats at last year's Royal Wedding, don't you think? It's the crowning moment of this amazing outfit.

Hugh Montgomery: From the Vegas bling to the nebulous ethnicity, this Treacy creation is a mesmeric omen for Madge's return to lily-gilding brilliance. Stare long enough, and it's as if the revisionist film-making never happened.

The dress

Gemma: Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci is behind this Roman-style costume, whose studded skirt was removed to reveal an amazingly toned body underneath. She's truly the Goddess of Pop.

Hugh: Not many outfits could integrate into both classical warrior and crazed cheerleader themes with such élan. A chameleon the very equal of its wearer.

The boots

Gemma: Gladiator sandals wouldn't have cut it with the sexy stage look, so she wisely opted for a thigh-high buckled boot. As she strutted her stuff, it was hard to believe she's in her fifties.

Hugh: Dominatrix enough, though a stumble proved they weren't quite the perfect dancing shoes.

The hair/make-up

Gemma: With her sphinx-like eyes, flawless skin and preened-to-perfection locks, she gives Liz Taylor's Cleopatra a run for her money.

Hugh: Questioning the whys and wherefores of Madonna's youthful visage is about as edifying as seeking out the liturgical precedent for "Like a Prayer", so let's just say she looks flippin' fantastic and leave the comedy misogynist banter to our man Piers.