Nathalie Croquet imitates Natalia Vodianova in Etam ad / @nathaliecroquet

Natalie Croquet imitates Kate Moss in cheeky Eleven Paris shot and Freja Beja Erichsen in a Zadig and Voltaire ad

French stylist and journalist Natalie Croquet has created an ingenious imitation of high-end fashion houses by recreating their campaign ads.

Casting herself as the leading model, Croquet has skilfully recreated some major fashion and beauty advertising campaigns, from Lanvin to Givenchy and Lancome, copying the poses and styling - with seriously impressive attention-to-detail- of famous faces, from Kate Moss to Penelope Cruz.

With her industry experience as former photo editor at Biba and Jean Paul Gaultier, and other high profile campaigns across the industry (and with a little help from hair and makeup, costumes and lighting) she achieves a remarkable similarity to her subject material.

She has been entertaining her nearly 10,000 Instagram followers with the reproductions in her new project.

With the help of photographer Daniel Schweizer, Croquet has gone behind the lens pretending to be Kate Moss, Natalia Vodianova, Edie Campbell, Freja Beha Erichsen and actress Penelope Cruz. And when sat side-by-side, the serious amount of work that has been put into each shot with attention to detail is clear.

In the Lanvin shot, for example, the flower and the dominos were carefully placed in exactly the same position as the original version of the image.

The images have been created for a project and exhibition entitled Spoof, which features around 12 of the parody pictures.

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