Summer’s fashion must have: the underbutt


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It’s understandable that when the mercury rises, so too do the hems of the nation. But it’s surely an indictment of the extreme times in which we live that this phenomenon has been taken to the next level. It’s been taken there by the legions of women around the country wearing denim shorts so short that the lower section of their backside protrudes south of  the fabric.

Perhaps Rihanna inadvertently started the trend, dubbed “underbutt”, back in May when she uploaded a picture of her denim thong-clad derrière to Instagram. Although she quickly deleted the image, the seed was sown among young minds, sadly not always the most logical, that anything bigger than a denim merkin would seem covered up in comparison.

Or maybe we have the agenda of sleaze pushed by the American Apparel founder Dov Charney to blame. Perhaps it’s a dastardly plan by the makers of Canesten hoping to cash in on all those over-heating crotches.

Regardless of the trend’s origins, the phenomenon that makes even the most perfect physical specimen the butt of a joke will be coming soon to a city centre, cinema or festival site near you.