Susannah Frankel: 'At the moment, I am officially bored by super-skinny jeans'


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"You can dress up, or you can dress down, but you have to be chic," said my friend, Charlie, during last month's haute couture collections in Paris. And she's right. With the show season approaching, it's total spring/summer look at one end of the spectrum – think ice-cream colours and be-jewelled slippers. At the other, battered jeans and Converse high-tops, say, remain a time-honoured uniform. Either has to be carried off with a sense of style, however, or, my favourite word just now, what with its Seventies connotations: panache.

It will come as no great surprise to regular readers of this column that I will mostly be wearing the latter. But I like to think (hope/pray) that I wear denim well and, of course, am safe in the knowledge that not just any old pair of jeans will do. Not only do weights and cuts go in and out of fashion just like everything else, but also – and this too is well-documented by now – I'm easily bored and can't resist adding to my burgeoning selection.

At the moment, I am officially bored by super-skinny jeans. I think they make my legs look like sausages. My other half says they look like five-a-side goalposts. Neither of these is a positive. And so I bring you my preferred denim cut du jour: the Current Elliott Roller. Being narrow-legged, these have many of the advantages of the classic skinny – they look cute with a voluminous top half and are not even remotely feminised in a boot-cut kind of a way – but few of the pitfalls. They're slouchy at waist and hip so there's less of an issue with, er, overspill, fitted but not quite vacuum-packed at the thigh and tiny from knee to ankle. And that makes them the best thing ever – until I find a new jeans crush, at least.

Susannah Frankel is Fashion Editor of 'The Independent'