Susannah Frankel: 'Who could resist Givenchy’s knit, emblazoned with a black panther nestling in a wreath of pansies?'


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Due to financial uncertainty, and in some instances, also just uncertainty, my autumn/winter wardrobe is still at planning stage. These are some of the things, however, that in my dreams I might be buying.

A tweed jacket. Small, perfectly formed and more English country casual than a black tailored version, this will cut an impressive dash worn with jeans. I like the Céline one. Don't we all, you might not unreasonably argue.

A boxy wool dress/tunic. I'm currently lusting after Rick Owens' brown, sleeveless, slash-necked version. It's loosely cut and so very forgiving, and can be worn over a skinny T-shirt and opaque tights (whip it off and you're Emma Peel). I'm thinking it will work with flats, riding boots or brogues (see last week's column).

A fashionable jumper. Who could resist Givenchy's engineered knit, emblazoned with a black panther nestling in a wreath of pansies? This is knitwear at its most haute and not at all the type of thing even the most accomplished of grannies might come up with.

A shower-proof mac. Still on sale online are Margaret Howell's in black and stone. I want the black one.

A leather jacket. Is it indecent to own more than one of these? Quite possibly. Did I know, though, when I bought mine that Junya Watanabe would be designing an entire collection, from oversized and biker-inspired to moulded and owing more than a little to the Belle Epoque line? Brilliant.

A pair of black, tailored trousers. Strangely, I only possess one pair of these and as I've had them for three years... I'd like Yves Saint Laurent's high-waisted ones (left,, please.

A handbag. As Lady Bracknell once shrieked. I know, I know, I have too many of these already. Oh, all right then, I'll settle for a more practical suitcase (Louis Vuitton? Globetrotter?). Mine nearly caused a major incident when it seized up on the travelator at the Eurostar terminal recently. I wasn't the most popular woman in the vicinity.

Susannah Frankel is Fashion Editor of The Independent