1. Yoke detail harem pants

£45, www.warehouse.co.uk

Relaxed tailoring is the foundation of the modern safari look, and these khaki harem pants strike just the right balance between slouchy and smart. Admittedly not the easiest shape to wear, you'll need to add a pair of high, high heels for a flattering effect. Which brings us to...

2. "Londa" sandals

£120, Pied a Terre, www.johnlewis.com

Sky-high heels might not be suitable for trekking through the Sahara, but it's always best not to take your inspiration too literally in fashion. The brown leather balances out the unashamedly sexy style, so these will work hard for your money, both day and night.

3. "Sheldrake" sunglasses

£175, www.oliverpeoples.com

Slightly masculine in style, with an elegant 1940s vibe, these tortoiseshell sunnies will transform you into an old- style movie star in an instant. And what else would you expect from the company that makes the default eyewear of choice for half the population of Hollywood?

4. Africa print skirt

£69.95, www.kew-online.com

Offset neutral tones with prints – leopard for high glamour or something a little earthier such as this African-inspired silk number for a more casual look. The relaxed A-line shape is flattering, not to mention comfy.

5. Square bangles

£9 each, www.bananarepublic.eu

Don't overload on the jewellery, but be bold with the pieces that you do choose. These satisfyingly chunky bangles come in several verdant hues in resin, as well as natural wood. Pile on as many as you can afford, but forgo a necklace.

6. Single button "Ginnie" blouse

£83, Yarnie by Shin Choi at www.my-wardrobe.com

A crisp white shirt (think Meryl Streep in Out of Africa) may be quintessential safari, but this loosely draped, sleeveless blouse is a contemporary option more suitable for summer in the city. Pretty without being fussy.