Whether you’re prepping for fake tan or are aiming for super-smooth skin, there’s a scrub to suit you


1. Cowshed Slender Cow detoxifying body scrub

Cowshed’s micro-algae firms, tones and minimises dimples and stretch marks, while pink Himalayan salt gets to work on dead skin.

£34, cowshed.com

2. The Breakfast Scrub

Banana, almond, honey: the ingredients in this formula are remarkably similar to those in your morning bowl of porridge, and are just as nourishing. Almost good enough to eat.

£8, Soap&Glory; boots.com

3. Weleda birch body scrub

Weleda launches an attack on lumpy  thighs with this scrub. Natural plant-wax spheres smooth the skin, while silver-birch extract purifies and detoxifies.

£8.95, boots.com

4. Kiki detoxifying elastic scrub

Apply this fragrant scrub in two stages: first to dry skin where the salts will get rid of any roughness; wet the skin and the rosemary-scented paste takes on a creamy texture.

£12.90, kikocosmetics.com

5. Kora exfoliating cream

Aussie Miranda Kerr has launched her own range of body products. This cream may not give you model looks, but the granules are so fine that it can be used on the face and body.

£42, netaporter.com

6. Rituals hot hammam scrub

If only our summers were as warming as a Rituals scrub. Sea salt combined with ginger and eucalyptus give the body a warm, tingling sensation. Central heating for your soul.

£14.50, rituals.com

7. L’Occitane ultra-rich body scrub

Perfect for giving dry skin a treat, the  fine grains of nutshell in this scrub  are immersed in a luxuriously rich  shea-butter formula.

£22, loccitane.com

8. Ren Moroccan rose otto sugar body polish

The sugar in this polish gives a thorough exfoliation, while olive and almond oils moisturise and the rose extract provides a heady scent.

£32, liberty.co.uk

9. Geranium leaf body scrub

The combination of pumice and bamboo stem makes this scrub a great way to prep your skin before applying self-tan. The geranium-leaf oil is soothing and smells gloriously fresh.

£23, aesop.com

10. Frangipani monoi salt glow

This is like a spa holiday in a jar. While you rub the mineral-rich salt into your skin, the Tahitian monoi and coconut oils and hibiscus whisk your min d off to exotic places.

£36.50, Elemis; timetospa.co.uk