The 10 Best men's fragrances

Banish all thoughts of brash body sprays and acrid aftershaves: these sophisticated yet masculine scents are very good news

1. Floris


First created in the 18th century, Floris Limes was intended to help sweeten the stink of living in an overpopulated city. Some would say that’s still relevant today, making this a classic that hasn’t dated. The heart of the fragrance is made from refreshing and invigorating limes and given longevity and strength with a little musk.

2. Eros


Eros, a new fragrance from Versace, can’t promise to turn you into a god of love but there’s no harm trying. This flamboyant scent is a mix of mint, apple, lemon and cederwood.

3. Czech & Speake


This uplifting scent was inspired by an original 18th-century formula allegedly made for Napoleon Bonaparte. Citrus fragrances usually lack depth but not this one; it’s given kick and heat by the addition of ylang ylang.

4. Summer


This fragrance is released as a limited edition in anticipation of the coming summer. At its heart there’s thyme and, as with all spring fragrances, uplifting notes of citrus. Coming in an eye catching aquamarine bottle it’s a welcome addition to the already existing successful Burberry fragrances.

5. Intuition for Men


As you’ll all know, intuition is a very personal thing, something you grow to trust. This Estée Lauder fragrance supposedly captures this magical ingredient in a bottle. Whether that’s true is up for debate but it does smell amazing. Based around the resin amber, this is a fragrance with warmth and strength.

6. Neroli Portofino


The amber backbone of this Tom Ford fragrance is lifted by the orange blossom, making it a vibrant everyday unisex scent. You only need a small dab of this and you’re taken to the Italian Rivera.

7. L’eau du Trente-Quatre


There are some fragrance fanatics who change their scent as often as their mood. If you want to lighten your mood then this lively fragrance from Diptyque is perfect. And it does have quite a fancy name for such a simple smelling scent. Despite its simplicity it doesn’t lack power; citrus mixed with geranium gives over to mellowness because of a healthy splash of musk.

8. Dries van Noten for Frederic Malle


How do you translate the world of Dries Van Noten into a scent? Ask the excellent perfumier Frederic Malle of course. Malle took inspiration from the designer’s Flemish roots; sandalwood is at the heart of the scent reflecting the designer’s warmth. The addition of Jasmine and vanilla makes for a heady mix.

9. Ermenegildo Zegna Uomo


This is a modern-smelling fragrance mixing bergamot and violet, creating a powerful but still very light smell. It’s an all-rounder of a scent that can be worn either in the day or the evening.

10. Caroline Herrera 212


Another limited-edition release for 2013, this comes in a striking blue bottle reminiscent of sun and blue skies. But you don’t have to wait for the blue-sky reality; indulge your senses now with mandarin, grapefruit and pepper.