From shaving soap to shower gel and moisturiser, we find the finest products for chaps who want to stay dapper

1. Anti-fatigue cooling eye gel

Applying this could not be easier or quicker. A stroke of the stainless-steel rollerball under the eye delivers a hydrating gel-serum that contains caffeine to drain away puffiness. The ball itself cools the area and gets your circulation going.


2. Penhaligon’s Nickel  Shaving Set

Shaving sets exist for more reasons than just providing a bit of decoration – the quality of shave they deliver is still hard to beat. The brush makes shaving foam go much further, while ensuring that all the hairs are thoroughly coated, resulting in a smoother, neater shave.


3. Purifying facial exfoliant

This creamy formula contains both finely ground quartz and lactic acid. The first works as a manual exfoliant to shift dead skin cells and prevent in-growing hairs, the second as a chemical exfoliant to get rid of grime and oil.


4. After-shaving moisturiser

This Liz Earle moisturiser enlists a team of heavy-duty hydrators (avocado oil, borage oil, and glycerine) to moisturise but still feels light on the skin.  It also contains Prunella vulgaris, or self-heal extract, that gets to work soothing any cuts or razor burns.


5. Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax

The San-Francisco trio behind this brand left all the chemicals out of their haircare formulas, leaving just organic, effective ingredients. The matt effect of this wax is perfect for achieving a textured look, without the hair feeling heavy or coated.


6. Eve lom Dynaspot

This pink paste is a real saviour in a spot emergency. Zinc oxide absorbs excess sebum, while salicylic acid and tea tree extract clear the zit, without drying out the skin. Chamomile reduces redness and keeps your skin happy.


7. Vetiver Fatal soap

A burst of Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian lemon and Haitian vetiver comes from this vegetable-based soap, even before you have torn off its beautifully etched wrapper. While the fragrance invigorates the senses, shea butter and aloe vera soothe and soften the skin.


8. Extract of Limes hard  shaving soap and wooden bowl

Extract of Limes has been one of Trumper’s most popular fragrances since the brand was founded in the late 19th century. Turn your shave into a treat by floating this wooden bowl in your bath. Swirl your shaving brush in the glycerine-based soap and apply while you recline in the hot water.


9. Ginger Mentha shower gel

C.O.Bigelow knows how to wake you up in the mornings, its New York-based apothecary has been formulating herbal remedies since 1838. This ginger and peppermint shower gel is stimulating and refreshing, and goes straight to work clearing a sleepy head, while the aloe vera softens the skin.


10. Abingdon Travel Kit

Constructed from waxed cotton and leather with brass zippers, wash bags don’t come much more durable than this one. Its design was inspired by vintage hunting clothing and, whether you’re enjoying a city break or on safari, it will keep your gear organised in style