Connect to your smartphone, access apps and even navigate with these miraculous machines that simply strap to your wrist

1. iPod Nano watch strap

If you've got an iPod Nano 6G then you'll be aware that it has an analogue-style clock screensaver. Slip it into this rubber strap and hey presto! It may not be a smartwatch, but it's a sneaky way to get some hi-tech wristwear on the cheap.


2. Sony Smartwatch 2

Sony's smartwatch offering is a serious-looking device. The Android-compatible watch allows you to check up on calls, emails and social media without lifting a finger and comes with a host of exclusive Android apps.


3. Pebble

Stylishly designed and open for customisation both in terms of the watchface display and the internal coding, the Pebble is a tech-head's dream. The watch syncs to iPhone and Android phones using Bluetooth, giving you call alerts and notifications as well as the potential to integrate with your favourite apps.


4. Suunto Ambit

The first GPS watch to combine outdoor training features, the Suunto is a watch for someone who lives to explore. It provides route planning and navigation, weather updates and altitude stats, while also tracking your heart rate, calories and performance in real time.


5. I'm Watch

Crisp, simple and colourful, this is a smartwatch that will appeal to the Apple crowd. Made and designed in Italy, it hooks up with all your smartphone apps, and has an app store of its own with hundreds of specifically designed add-ons.


6. G Shock Bluetooth Watch

Fans of the bold, chunky G Shock design will be excited about the latest twist. The Bluetooth timepiece connects to your smartphone, allowing you to sync time, receive calls and email alerts, and activate a useful "find me" option to set your mobile ringing if it goes missing.


7. Galaxy Gear

This smartwatch from one of the world's leading phone manufacturers looks set to prove that wearable technology need not be clunky. The simple bracelet is minimal enough to appeal to the fashion crowd and its many functions allow you to make phone calls, read emails and dictate messages.


8. Cookoo

It may have a classic analogue design, but the Cookoo is a lot smarter under the hood. The Bluetooth device keeps up with all your phone, SMS and email alerts and even nudges you if you've left your phone behind. Compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the latest iPhones and iPads.


9. Nike+ GPS Sportwatch

A smartwatch for athletes, this GPS-enabled device uses TomTom data to track your runs. It collects data on your time, pace and distance, indoor or out, and, thanks to the Nike+ Sensor accelerometer, even when GPS signal is lost.


10. Metawatch

Compatible with iPhone 4s or Android smartphones, this Bluetooth watch features simple yet cool Lo-Fi graphics but still contains all the features you could ask for. As well as updating you on calls, emails, messages and appointments, you can also control your music playback. With many features still under development, the Metawatch can only get better.