From sun cream and shower gel to  hair serum and scent, these products  will see you jetting off in style


1. Do the Bright thing

Ensure that you and your make-up bag travel light this year with this very handy total-face kit. It contains a neat miniature mascara, eyeliner, flattering blush, highlighter and a brightening face primer in fun, summery packaging.


2. Frequent Traveller set

Feeling jaded from one journey too many? Molton Brown’s indulgent, flight-friendly-sized selection will reinvigorate you. A far preferable alternative to dinky hotel soaps, this set contains two deliciously fragrant shower gels, a scrub, Coco de Mer body lotion, a temple soother and ambient spritz.


3. 3-step skin care set

Long journeys, a change in climate, and jet lag can all take their toll on your complexion. But this trio of fragrance- free, allergy-tested products are sure to give holiday skin the attention it needs. Kits for various skin types contain products to cleanse, gently exfoliate and moisturise twice a day.


4. Essential kit

If you like to keep holiday packing really simple, then this is the set for you. The hero wash products cover everything you will need (cleanser, moisturiser, body wash, body cream, shampoo, conditioner). Subtle, natural fragrances mean the products are suitable for men, women, and children, too.

£20, Malin + Goetz,

5. Jet sets hair kit

This set from Philip Kingsley is  particularly good in bad-hair-day-inducing climates. It contains a body-building shampoo, moisture-balancing conditioner and protective “elasticiser” treatment to detangle, nourish and add shine without weight.


6. Self tanning kit

An application of fake tan can help with bikini shyness at the start of a beach holiday. Clarins’ holiday-sized set  provides just the right amount to add a little colour during the first few days. It also includes a smoothing body scrub and anti-cellulite firming cream.

£22, Clarins,

7. Travel candles

Burning a couple of scented candles is a great way to make yourself feel at home in a previously unfamiliar hotel room. Jo Malone’s creations last far longer than you would imagine. “red roses” and “lime, basil and mandarin” are particularly uplifting summer fragrances.

£22 per 60g candle,

8. L’ombre Dans L’eau

Take a little bit of home away with you with this British floral garden-inspired scent. Diptyque’s L’ombre Dans  L’eau is a delicate, rose fragrance that  is perfect for everyday wear and  warmer climates.

£55, Diptyque,

9. P20 family once day  protection sun care pack

P20 products are brilliant for those who forget to top up their suntan lotion. One application promises to work for 10 hours, even after swimming. Stock up for the sun with this pack containing SPF20, 30 and 50.

£49.99, Riemann,

10. Deluxe Anti-Ageing Gift Set

Chantecaille’s anti-ageing skincare is extravagantly expensive, however, it is very highly regarded by dermatologists. This set contains four bestselling treatments that are perfectly sized for hand luggage. Guaranteed to work wonders on tired, flight-weary skin.

£310, Chantecaille,