The Curve Liner, £14,

From in-shower after sun to  a cleverly ergonomic liner pen

I used to love trips to the shops with my friends as a teenager, and not just for the sensory overload that was The Body Shop's fragrance station (I could never choose between Fuzzy Peach and Dewberry, in case you were wondering).

I used to love the transformative power my pocket money provided, even if it didn't stretch further than some hair dye, a Tammy Girl crop top and a copy of Smash Hits. I still can't resist the lure of a purchase that may just change my life; most of them collect dust or are passed on, but some are actually worth making shelf space for.

Hair Perfume in Blanche

£37, Byredo,

A wet spritz that's freshly-scented, instead of a dry shampoo, this is a great way to hit refresh if your roots are dry rather than greasy.

In-shower after sun


I was so sceptical when I realised you still have to rinse in-shower lotions off, but if you're not sat sweating out after-sun, you can get ready in a flash.



£145, Luna,

The silicone nodules on this sonic cleansing tool beat brush equivalents hands down for gentleness and hygiene, and the battery life is brilliant.

The Curve Liner


I've spent way too long trying to get my eyeliner even, and often end up looking like Amy Winehouse, so this cleverly ergonomic pen really helps.

The treatment massage tool


Expensive and very heavy, yes, but master the knack of massage with this tool and you'll help improve drainage and contouring for a lifetime, for the price of a facial.