The 5 best citrus beauty products

From shower gel to facial wipes, treat your skin with love

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There's something so fresh and clean about the scent of citrus that makes it perfect for summer. It's a shame then that some products have a whiff of the floor cleaner about them, while others verge on the spicy hum of bad BO – you know, the very thing you're probably trying really hard to avoid right now.

Lemon is the most obvious zester on the citrus spectrum but lime and orange make their fair share of beauty aisle appearances too, while a search for more interesting juices like mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot should also bear plentiful fruit.

Brightening face wipes

£3.99, Yes to Grapefruit,

I usually avoid face wipes – their cursory cleaning power doesn't convince me – but these exfoliating, brightening wipes are lovely to cool and de-clog summer skin.

Happy Buddha foaming shower gel


This gel expands to foam in the palm of your hands, where the sharpness of yuzu blends with organic mandarin for an energizing way to start the day.


Lemon butter cuticle cream


This solid balm melts on contact with skin, softening and strengthening nail beds and cuticles, and a tin is more easily transportable than a messy tube of cream.

Resurrection aromatique hand wash


This much loved range is an everyday treat – mandarin rind combines with rosemary and lavender to leave hands squeaky clean and feeling refreshed.

Complete bliss Moroccan blush rose, lime & black pepper scent surround


I love the smell of freshly sliced limes although not to wear, but a room filled with a hefty squeeze of the zesty fruit, heady roses and warm black pepper is bliss.