Creamy concealer kit, £25,

Dark circles and under-eye bags need to be targeted slightly differently

I was always hopeless at hiding my panda eyes, because I didn't differentiate between dark circles and under-eye bags. Dark circles are, well, dark, while bags tend to be puffy, pouchy hollows, and sadly, though the two aren't mutually exclusive, they need to be targeted slightly differently.

Knowing this has helped me, as has finding the patience to build and blend product across the area rather than smearing it on and hoping for the best. Opt for a shade that seems slightly too dark but can be blended with your foundation to create a good match.

Perfectionist serum and concealer

£28.50,, from 31 August

Use the brightening serum as part of your usual skin prep, before applying the mousse-like concealer over foundation.

Maestro concealer


This is a very wet formulation which is good for dabbing on with a fingertip in order to build up quite heavy duty coverage.


Terrybly Densiliss concealer

£44, By Terry,

This plumps out lines around the eye so the creamy formula won't collect in wrinkles; apply from the back of your hand for better control.

Creamy concealer kit


The coverage here is good, but it's the powder I love – use it to blend and set the concealer; works well on blemishes too.



This two-in-one concealer and moisturiser has a good proportion of each, which helps it glide on, and can be reapplied as necessary without caking.