Hydrating bronze gel crème in 01 permanent vacation, £25, Michael Kors, escentual.com


Fortune may favour the brave, but when it comes to fake tan I think that a bit of recalcitrance has been my saving grace –and the thing that's stopped me from looking like I've been Tango'd.

It's actually been well over a decade since I last hit the bottle, but the times they have a-changed and formulas are increasingly fool-proof – just be sure to take your time to allow them to dry. If you're a bit scared of having to scrub off layers of skin in order to fix mistakes, it's best to opt for wash-off rather than permanent formulations.

Honey bronze tinted leg mist

£15, thebodyshop.co.uk

This sweetly scented gel provides a sheer hint of temporary colour. Spray into hands and then rub in to ensure even application.

Flash bronzer night-sun

£24, Lancome, johnlewis.com

Designed to develop gradually without clogging pores or dulling skin, apply this creamy gel at night to wake up to a healthy glow.


Hydrating bronze gel crème in 01 permanent vacation

£25, Michael Kors, escentual.com

The delicate rose gold glow of this moisturising cream is perfect to highlight décolletage and the exposed shoulders of summer dressing.

Radiance-Plus golden glow booster

£26, clarins.co.uk

A few drops of this concentrate will transform your body cream into a self-tan – once you've achieved your preferred shade simply reduce the amount to maintain.

Self-tan luxe facial oil

£23, st-tropez.com

For a natural glow and nourished skin switch your usual facial oil for a couple of drops of this before bed about once a week.