What a washout this summer has been. While I'm optimistic (or perhaps deluded depending on your world view) that September will be filled with beautiful blue skies, it doesn't hurt to consider wet weatherproofing. Don't worry I'm not going to start banging on about the long-term benefits of an annual application of wood preserver; your hair on the other hand, there I can help.

One of the worst things about constant drizzle (apart from sounding like Richard Madeley doing a lame impersonation of a rapper when talking about it) is the effect it can have on hair. Whether yours is curly, straight or somewhere in between, even a quick dash out in the rain can cause a halo of frizz, and a brolly is no use when you're practically walking through a cloud of condensation. The best way to prevent a fuzzy finish is by ensuring your hair is nourished when you wash it and then sealing the shaft with serums or crèmes in order to prevent humidity in the air messing it all up. µ

Frizz Ease Forever Smooth shampoo

£5.33, John Frieda, boots.com

The godfather of anti-frizz, Frieda has expanded from his hero serum to an extensive range of products to prep and prime hair.

beauty spot

Using a diffuser usually means getting repeatedly hit on the head as it slides off your hairdryer, but YS Park's sock-like contraptions are truly universally sized and radiate heat for bouncy curls in no time. CoolBlades.co.uk

Quench absolute

£6.99, Dove, available nationwide

Curly hair can be temperamental but a pump of this crème combed through wet hair should help keep things under control.

Hair Stay anti-humidity seal

£16.15, KMS, lookfantastic.com

You need to lock moisture in to prevent frizz and flyways. This styling spray will block moisture in the air, unlike most hairsprays.

LOVE hair smoother

£16.95, davines.com

Designed to add elasticity and refine coarse textures, this smoothing styling crème is lightweight without leaving an unappealing coating.