The 5 best honey beauty products


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As a young'un, a pretty close encounter with a bee nearly killed me, but I've never held it against our honey-producing friends. In fact, I like it not only slathered over hot buttered toast, but as an ingredient in my make-up bag and bathroom cabinet too.

The beauty world is a-buzz with products containing propolis (perhaps best described as a hive insulating material) which is touted for its anti-bacterial, healing abilities. Honey – especially of the Manuka variety – is a popular ingredient too and doesn't have to mean an overly sugary scent.

Lip Magic


This balm has quite a strong scent, and a bit of a medicinal flavour, but the softening propolis balm actually smoothes away fine lines as well as preventing chapping.

Honeymania soap


This sweetly-shaped soap has a gentle floral fragrance, rather than anything too sugary, thanks to community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia.


Deep cleansing mask starter kit


Not a very attractive colour – that'll be the green clay – but it works wonders on oily, congested and spotty skin without being overly drying.

Softening hand wash


This amber nectar infused with lavender honey and rosemary will soften your hands and leave them smelling amazing.


£50, Marc Jacobs, available nationwide

Spring is a great time to switch to a lighter scent, and this fine floral take on the sweet stuff is suitably refreshing.