Mini-shimmer bag


The sparkly finish on this lightweight and compact bag will make it much easier to find in the darkest depths of your handbag.

Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson

£55, charlotte

This is the perfect size to use as your post-workout wash bag or to keep suncream in on holiday.

Clearly Mac


The beauty of this clear plastic is that you can spot where anything is before you've even opened it, meaning you'll feel organised even if you're not.

Artwalk Jacquard


This fabric clutch has just a hint of razzle dazzle, but thanks to zipped compartments and a stain-resistant finish it's actually quite practical.

Gamaguchi pouch


Sometimes it makes sense to keep things simple: the frame opening allows this bag to stay open while you delve around inside..

One of my history teachers at school had a habit of comparing his pupils to Pavlov's dogs. He wasn't suggesting we all slobbered too much, but was rather commenting on our reaction to the school bell. We had, he implied, acquired a new impulse.

One impulse I certainly acquired during my school life was a desire to buy a new pencil case come September. But, seeing as I tend to do all my writing electronically, and a single chewed Biro in a pencil case would be a sad sight, I've found a new way to channel my lust: make-up bags.

I tend to think of myself as quite low maintenance beauty-wise, until I need to pack for time away from home, which has become a three-pouch problem. My biggest make-up bag houses shower gel, shampoo and the like; a sturdy medium one protects expensive lotions and potions, while a small one is great for carrying around my daily make-up. µ