The 5 best products for nails

From beautiful cuticles to cleaning up mistakes and messiness...

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Some people hate being seen without lipstick, others feel naked without mascara – but it's all about nails for me. Mine have rarely been polish-free since leaving the draconian uniform rules of school behind.

I never managed to get into the elaborate, intricate and arty nail designs of recent years, though – far too intimidating for someone as cack-handed as me, and regular salon visits are too much of a time commitment.

But the current vogue for minimal, negative-space and free-hand doodles is far more appealing, not least for the low-key colours which hide all manner of sins.

Beautiful cuticles


Keeping cuticles nourished with marula oil and vitamin E means they're easier to push back, revealing more of your nail bed for decorating.

4-way nail buffer


Filing is the secret to a neat finish and should never be sacrificed for speed; use the buffing side to create a smooth surface for your designs.


Flawless finish foundation


Sheer, matte and almost invisible, this creates the perfect base for nail designs and stickers without making you look like you have mannequin hands.

Dotting tool

£3.99, Bourjois,

Scary-looking but simple to use – the metal balls on the ends create different sized, delicate dots and can be used to draw, too.

Clean-up brush

£4, WAH London,

A narrow, angled brush dipped in nail-polish remover is a far more precise way to clean up mistakes and messiness than cotton buds.