Agent zero shine, £23.50,


The mid-Nineties were a simpler time. Back then Peter Andre was an honest-to-goodness pop idol rather than shiller of frozen goods, and thanks to him and his boy band ilk, the idea of getting sweaty was sexy rather than smelly.

Today sweat is embraced as proof of a workout done well – how empowering. Although it's less so when all you've done is step into the oven-like heat of public transport in the summer. Who wants the worry that damp patches are creeping under your arms or that you might be a bit whiffy by your afternoon meeting?

Clear improvement charcoal body wash


Warmer weather can exacerbate break-outs on backs and shoulders – this uses charcoal to de-clog and deep clean skin without being too astringent.

Soft Feel Compressed Spray deodorant

£2.99, Dove, available nationwide

This sweet powdery smell is delicate rather than cloying. The compressed size is perfect to keep in your bag for freshening up on the go.


Cooling glacial scrub

£8, Sanctuary Spa, available nationwide

This is like a dollop of sorbet for the shower – perfect for a cool start in the morning as well as washing the sweat and grime of the day away before bed.

Soapless Facial Cleansing Bar with Tropical Resins


This soap-free bar can be used on the body as well as the face to gently remove the excess oil and sweat which can lead to spots.

Agent zero shine


Minimising sweat and shine without blocking pores can be hard to balance, but this silky lightweight powder with built-in brush is an alternative to traditional, cakey compacts.