Cellularose Baume D'Eau, £68, By Terry, spacenk.com

Fresh, clean and feminine, modern florals are exactly what Rebecca Gonsalves wants to get a good whiff of at the moment

I recently stayed with a friend who had a geranium handwash by the bathroom sink, the gorgeous perfume of it not only filled that room but scented my hands for hours after. Since then, my nose has been veritably twitching for more petal power – with geranium and rose being current favourites.

Fresh, clean and feminine, modern florals are exactly what I want to get a good whiff of at the moment, especially when the mugginess and intermittent wet weather of the past month has put a dampener on the use of my regular summer scents.

Geranium & walnut body scrub

£40, jomalone.co.uk

This thick, creamy scrub is packed with finely milled walnut shells, while the geranium and mint scent is designed to complement every Jo Malone fragrance.

Geranium body cream

£35, bamford.co.uk

This rich cream is spiked with lavender, peppermint and tonka bean, making it a wonderfully fragrant treat for parched skin.


Lipstick Rose shower gel

£35, editions de Frederic Malle, liberty.co.uk

The waxy smell of lipstick combines with violet sweets in one of his signature floral scents – a range which has finally extended to shower gel.

Cellularose Baume d'eau

£68, By Terry, spacenk.com

This gel-like moisturiser refreshes, plumps and softens skin to make a radiant and smooth base for make-up.

Seaweed/geranium hand balm

£18, haeckels.co.uk

I love the ethos of this small-scale, made -in-Margate brand. The extracts of beach-harvested seaweed and coastal flowers leave hands soft and fragrant.